Wrongful Death:

Ask a New Mexico Wrongful Death Lawyer


If a family member has recently died, you're probably dealing with trauma, anger and confusion. This can be even more complicated if you believe that the victim's death didn't have to happen. Wrongful death can be a confusing and frustrating area of law. Here's what you need to know-from a New Mexico wrongful death lawyer who knows.

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What is wrongful death? A wrongful death claim is brought against a person whose negligence (lack of care) or intentional actions lead to a victim's death. Civil wrongful death lawsuits are conducted in non-criminal courts and brought by family members who seek financial compensation for the death of the victim.

What can lead to wrongful death? There are nearly as many causes of wrongful death as there are victims. Accidental death can occur due to unsafe conditions in a public or private place, due to an assault, a car crash, etc.

What kind of compensation can I claim? Only experienced Albuquerque wrongful death lawyers can truly evaluate the kinds of compensation you should claim in your wrongful death lawsuit. However, common compensation includes money for property damage surrounding the death, funeral costs, costs of supporting the decedent's children and the wages lost by the family due to the death of the victim. In addition, a family may often sue for damages related to psychological trauma and suffering incurred due to the wrongful death.

What is the difference between civil and criminal lawsuits? Criminal lawsuits are brought by the District Attorney or the United States Attorney in criminal court and are related to accusations of homicide, manslaughter, etc. Civil cases seek financial compensation for a death and are conducted in civil court. Sometimes civil wrongful death lawsuits can accompany a criminal case; for example, a person who committed vehicular homicide can often be charged criminally and civilly for the wrongful death of the victim.

I have a wrongful death case. Who can help? When dealing with a wrongful death, turn to an experienced New Mexico wrongful death lawyer for legal representation. Your lawyer should be professional, experienced, compassionate, and aggressively represent your interests in court. Not all Albuquerque wrongful death lawyers are the same; seek out the most qualified for your situation. John F. Robbenhaar has been representing clients for over a decade with professionalism and legal savvy. Call 505-242-1950 today for a free case consultation and to find out if John F. Robbenhaar's experience and customer service is a good fit for you.