John F. Robbenhaar:

Santa Fe Personal Injury Lawyer


Searching for a Santa Fe personal injury lawyer can be frustrating and confusing. You know that the stakes are high and that New Mexico limits the amount of time you have to file. But did you know that the Santa Fe personal injury lawyer who's right for you might not be in Santa Fe at all?

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Luckily, residents of New Mexico can choose an attorney from any city to represent them in civil court. More and more Santa Fe residents are turning to Albuquerque lawyer John F. Robbenhaar for his experience, track record and exemplary customer service. And John F. Robbenhaar's services might just be right for you, too.

Compassionate, caring and committed to personalized customer service, John F. Robbenhaar has been representing Santa Fe clients for over a decade. He tailors his legal advice to each and every client and can represent your interests in court as he seeks to obtain the compensation you deserve. His extensive experience in federal and state courts around New Mexico and his deep personal relationships among clerks, judges, and other attorneys result in in-court victories and substantial settlements for his clients. And his passion for helping personal injury victims means that he reaches out to clients all over New Mexico.

You may not be able to find a Santa Fe personal injury lawyer with the unique combination of experience, personal savvy, and reputation as John F. Robbenhaar. Though he cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, he can guarantee that your case will be handled as a priority and with an outstanding sense of customer service. But professionalism and dedication aren't enough to win personal injury lawsuits. These qualities must be combined with first-hand experience in New Mexico courts. A decade of just such experience has uniquely equipped John F. Robbenhaar to deal with personal injury lawsuits statewide. He might be able to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

Slip and fall accident? Auto accident? Wrongful death? Your time to file is limited. Arm yourself with the right attorney now! Call John F. Robbenhaar today at 505-242-1950. Your case consultation is completely confidential and free of charge.