Choosing a Criminal Lawyer:

Santa Fe or Beyond?


You've been accused of a crime, maybe even a crime you didn't commit. Your day in court is approaching swiftly and you still haven't chosen between lawyers in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. You know you need an advocate, a champion in court. But finding a criminal lawyer in Santa Fe isn't easy. Did you know that your best resource might be in Albuquerque, NM?

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Though you may have restricted your search to lawyers in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, your options actually encompass the entire state. When facing criminal charges, the stakes are high and can affect everything from your ability to earn money to your ability to stay out of jail. Your professional life and personal reputation are on the line, so your choice of a criminal lawyer in Santa Fe and beyond is extremely important.

Luckily, you have options. Albuquerque-based John F. Robbenhaar is one of New Mexico's most respected criminal attorneys, and his practice extends to Santa Fe County. A criminal lawyer in Santa Fe isn't your only option. By hiring John F. Robbenhaar, you can avail yourself of this lawyer's Santa Fe County, New Mexico experience and the excellent reputation he has built statewide.

Over the last decade, John F. Robbenhaar has fought diligently for each and every client, no matter what the crime. He is committed to aggressive, intelligent and personalized representation. His personal connections extend to judges, clerks and other attorneys throughout the state. And his office is well-equipped to investigate, strategize, and represent your interests in court. With experience in federal and civil courts throughout New Mexico, John F. Robbenhaar has what it takes to protect your freedom and your reputation. And he'll do so with compassion, one-on-one attention and great customer service.

Don't despair if you haven't found the right criminal defense attorney in Santa Fe or Santa Fe County. Remember, you have all of New Mexico at your disposal, including the excellent resources provided by John F. Robbenhaar and his experienced legal team. Have you been accused of a crime? Call John F. Robbenhaar today at 505-242-1950. Your case consultation is free and entirely confidential.