Choosing a Las Cruces New Mexico Criminal Attorney


If you've been accused of a crime, you know that the stakes are high. Not only do you face jail time and significant fines, but your personal and professional reputation could be on the line. You know you can't "go it alone" and face the New Mexico criminal system without help. You need a Las Cruces, New Mexico Criminal Attorney-and you need one quickly. But how do you choose between the many lawyers in Las Cruces, NM and elsewhere in the state?

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When choosing a criminal defense attorney, professionalism and track record are key. Though you may be tempted to stay strictly within the Las Cruces area, the truth is that the right attorney for you might be located elsewhere in the state. John F. Robbenhaar's criminal defense practice is located in Albuquerque, NM, but that hasn't kept him from representing accused Las Cruces residents.

John F. Robbenhaar's professionalism, diligence and dedication to constructing a unique legal defense for each and every client has established his reputation as a very accomplished lawyer in Las Cruces, NM. His track record speaks for itself, but working with John F. Robbenhaar isn't just about a tailor-made legal defense and aggressive representation in court. Over the last decade, John F. Robbenhaar has made it a priority to establish a compassionate and respectful relationship with each client - no matter what the accusation. He will fight diligently and with his full intelligence and experience to keep you out of jail and protect your legal rights and personal freedoms.

When you seek a Las Cruces New Mexico Criminal Attorney, keep the consequences in mind. The wrong lawyer could compromise your reputation and your future. On the other hand, an attorney like John F. Robbenhaar can not only help keep you out of jail, he can help connect you to the resources you need to retain your reputation and your rights. Trust the attorney who is known by judges, clerks, lawyers and clients throughout New Mexico. Call John F. Robbenhaar today for a complimentary case consultation-no matter what your physical location in New Mexico. Your free consultation is available at 505-242-1950. Call now.