Criminal Defense Lawyer in Albuquerque


Robbenhaar Law Office, P.C., will do what it takes to achieve the best possible resolution to your criminal case. John knows how to defend even the toughest cases and how to guide your case through the system with your best interests in mind. John will be available to you and provide you with the respect, preparation, and persistence you expect when hiring private criminal defense counsel. Robbenhaar Law Office, P.C. has successfully defended clients in all types of criminal defense cases, in both the State and Federal courts of New Mexico. John F. Robbenhaar routinely represents individuals accused of drug offenses, gun crimes, DWI/DUI, domestic violence, immigration violations, children's court matters, sex offenses, violent offenses, and probation matters.

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"The right to the effective assistance of counsel is thus the right of the accused to require the prosecution's case to survive the crucible of meaningful adversarial testing. When a true adversarial criminal trial has been conducted ... the kind of testing envisioned by the Sixth Amendment has occurred. But if the process loses its character as a confrontation between adversaries, the constitutional guarantee is violated."
- United States of America v. Cronic, 466 U.S. 648, 655-56 (1984).

John sees the art of practicing criminal defense as ensuring that his client receives justice and due process by a thorough and zealous testing of the prosecution's case. For, even if the evidence against his client may appear compelling at first glance, John believes that the integrity of criminal proceedings requires that such evidence be competently tested. Furthermore, due process requires no less. John provides an effective and compelling voice to individuals who find themselves accused of having committed criminal offenses. John is a fluent Spanish speaker, often representing monolingual Spanish-speakers, and is an active member in both the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association (NMCDLA) and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).

John has represented individuals in complex, multi-defendant drug distribution conspiracy cases, many facing minimum mandatory sentences in federal penal institutions. John has years of experience defending drivers accused of DWI/DUI, and strenuously fights the witchhunt-like mentality that pervades many courtrooms when it comes to alcohol-related driving infractions. John provides a strong voice to those accused of domestic violence, and will strenuously attack allegations of sexual improprieties. John understands the devastating impact a criminal conviction can have on an individual's future, and will strive to achieve the best result possible for the client.

Whether you or your loved one is charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, in state or federal court, give John F. Robbenhaar a call. Bad things really do happen to good people, and having the right lawyer makes a world of difference. Feel free to contact John to discuss your case.