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Finding a New Mexico Auto Accident Lawyer


We've all been in minor fender-benders and have used car insurance companies to help us resolve our accidents quickly and quietly. But what insurers don't want you to know is that going through your insurance company could cost you more than money or higher insurance premiums; in fact, doing so could deny you the compensation you deserve for your auto accident. In fact, to make sure that your personal rights are properly represented, you need a New Mexico auto accident lawyer on your side before dealing with any auto insurance company.

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Why would insurers keep this a secret? It's simple. By deterring you from getting your own attorney, they protect their own interests and avoid paying large fines or compensating injured parties in car crashes. Insurance companies usually pay something for auto accidents that involve injury, but it's usually not enough to cover various factors such as the severity of the injury itself, any necessary treatment, emergency room and hospitalization bills, the cost of missed time from work and costs associated with future medical care and vocational rehabilitation for severely injured or disabled workers. These costs can add up. And without an experienced car crash attorney on your side, you could be denied fair compensation for your injury. Albuquerque auto accident lawyers can help you avoid quick-settlement fixes that violate your personal rights-the very rights insurers are hoping you'll forget.

Insurers count on your fear, confusion, and desire to get the case resolved, and expect you to turn to your insurance company in a time of need. Next time you get in a car crash, buck the mold - call on a New Mexico auto accident lawyer like John F. Robbenhaar at 505-242-1950. Aggressive, compassionate and honest, John F. Robbenhaar has established a reputation for his forthright legal strategy and his personalized attention to customers.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, call 505-242-1950 to speak with an Albuquerque auto accident lawyer today. Your case consultation is free and completely confidential. One phone call can make the difference between fair representation and lack of compensation-don't take that chance! Call today for more information.

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